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Rent an HR Business Partner
Bogged down with HR tasks? Let us help!

Rent an HR Business Partner

Bogged down with HR tasks? Let us help!

We help companies and managers challenged on lack of knowledge on and time to familiarise themselves with details regarding recruiting, introduction of new employees and other general HR tasks. The consequences of not attracting the right candidates and getting them properly introduced to the job, company and culture can result in short employments and unnecessary costs. We can help you prevent these situations by creating longer and successful working relationships.

We create value for you with my specialist knowledge within HR, organisation and management, and languages combined with high quality and thoroughness.

Our Services

Development of concept within introduction of new employees is a product for those who want to welcome their new employees in a uniform, effective and professional way and make sure that they easily and the best way possible are introduced to their new job. Strengthen your employer brand, and give new employees the impression that you will do your best you can for a mutually fruitful cooperation. I help you develop and design the concept. Get help, and make sure that your new employees’ ’time to performance’ and ’employee turnover’ will be shorter.
  • Development of concept consists of advice on:
  • Key figures – measurement of the costs until new employees are worth their pay
  • Practicalities – all the small steps making a big difference
  • Introduction to company, culture and manager
  • Networking – the vital importance of creating the relationships from the beginning 
Do you as a manager find it difficult to find the time for recruiting the right candidates? And do you prefer focusing on your core tasks?

I assist you with clarifying your needs, setting the direction and obtaining an overview in your recruitments. As a result, you don’t need to spend time on writing job ads, screen a large amount of applications and can spend your time on your core tasks. The help will include:


  • Preparation of job ad based on job and personal profile analyses
  • Selection of candidates
  • Pre-interviews prior to job interview
  • Interview guide
  • Job interviews
  • References for employment
  • Selection and evaluation
HR business partner service

Are you a manager of a small or medium-sized company with no HR department? And do you prefer spending your time on your core tasks? If you need an HR expert to solve your HR tasks, we can find a solution that matches your needs.

Your current challenges may be of a large variety, but could be one or more of the following questions:

  • How do we attract the right candidates and hired the right ones in relation to clients’ needs and requests, our strategy and market conditions.
  • How do we get new employees on board in the fastest and most effective way in order that they consider themselves successful in their new position and can perform soonest possible?
  • How do we develop our employees the best way possible and find the most suited further training and courses to them?

What our clients say

  • “I got to know Gitte as a very proactive and professional colleague who likes to make a difference. She was responsible for facilitating the on-boarding of dozens of consultants into Nordea and made sure that the process was smooth, communication professional, and her attitude service minded. The on-boarding process was significantly improved due to her input”.

    Jannick Burggraaff

    Head of Know Your Customer Strategy & Planning, Nordea
  • “We had issues finding the right candidate to hire, but then when we worked with Gitte. Her unique way to capture the essence of our company and the goals we had and boil them into a job has helped us hire and retain the right employee. 

    If you don’t have an HR department, Gitte can handle your hiring and onboarding. She is very thorough and professional”.

    Lora Jakobsen

    Founder & CEO, Bixby Peller
  • “GR consult helped us to write a detailed comprehensive job ad to find a full-time employee. We posted this ad on LinkedIn and got 80 applicants. From that we found 30 that were quite qualified and fit the job description really well. Gitte was a pleasure to work with. She helped us to understand what our needs were and how to communicate that to potential applicants. The whole process helped us to see what our needs were in a way we never would have known if we had just written the job at ourselves.

    I highly recommend small companies doing this to better understand your needs through having a professional like Gitte guide you”.

    Eva Franco

    Founder & CEO, Eva Franco Inc.

About us

GR Consult was founded in 2017 by Gitte Randrup, whose professional background includes HR, organisation and management, and languages. Gitte has worked with several HR subjects for larger companies, and her approach is that HR activities should be business-oriented and based on strategy and clients’ requirements.

Gitte’s vision is to bring employers and employees closer and create mutually satisfactory working relationships. Her method is a thorough and quality-full process. She advocates that good working relationship can be created with a few means and can be transferred directly to the bottom line.

Gitte help companies find the right employees and contribute to new hires getting the best possible start in their new workplace in order that they are successful and create value for their new company.


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