February 2021

How to See Your Past as an Advantage – Focus on the Positive Side of the Coin

A personal column on how to learn to accept and live with the personality traits you’re annoyed by, and see their advantages. View PDF. View PDF

September/October 2020

I refuse to be Controlled by Mediocrity

A personal column on how I refuse to live a mediocre life, and how I dare to make untraditional choices as for example to ask an employer for a three month leave of absence to travel or quit a job without having a new one. View PDF

July/August 2020

How to Increase Your Happiness as an Introvert

Do you get tired more easily in large gatherings? Are you more at ease in 1:1 conversations? And are you a good listener? This may be hard to accept in a world paying homage to extroversion. view PDF

June 2020

How to Successfully Lead a Remote Team-One Manager’s Best Advice

It’s not necessary to have team members sit in the same location to have a great and well-functioning team. Managers Yan Knudtskov Nielsen shares how he leads his team located all around the world. view PDF

March/April 2020

Tired of Being Exposed to Workplace Bullying – Advice for Victims and Managers

Interview with psychologist Thomas Markersen, who shares his best advice to both victims and managers as to what can do about workplace bullying. view PDF

August 2019

How to Understand Your Employees' Thoughts and Reactions in the Change Management Processes

Change management processes are difficult. Often, despite a lot of effort, they aren’t ever carried out. There are various reasons for this. One of them is the employees. Perhaps they don’t understand why the change is important, or they’ve been through so many changes that they don’t have the energy for another one. Are you a manager in charge of change management processes every now and again? If so, read along and learn what to keep in mind for next time! view PDF

February/March 2019

Are you a woman aspiring to be a leader?

Do you also wonder why we don’t see more women in top management and boards of directors? Then read my interview with The Danish Women’s Society where we among others address our fixed gender structures. view PDF

January 2019

How to overcome workplace bullies

My personal experiences of workplace bullying. I hope they'll help others-and also to break the taboo. view PDF

December 2018

Strategies for leading successful change initiatives

Do you, as a manager, find that the transformations you try to carry out end up failing … And you can’t figure out why. In this article, you’ll get Customer Service Manager, Sannie Antony Skaanning’s best advice for a fruitful change. view PDF

November 2018

Networking for introverts – 9 tips to help you

My best networking tips on how to thrive as an introvert networker without having the networking nausea. view PDF

October 2018

What is the generational management theory?

Are you challenged by leading various generations simultaneously? Then you may find it helpful to familiarize yourself with theory on generations X, Y and Z. Just remember not to use the theory as a checklist and never without a more personalized management of the individual employee. view PDF


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